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So glad we weren’t cycling up this hill.

so, we are ditching the bikes for a week and hiring a car as Cal, Patrick and Dada are flying over to visit us as we speak. they think we are getting a Nissan micra, like Dada’s frog green one… So cal if you are reading this, it is a Nissan micra.

Looking forward to driving back over some of the places we’ve cycled, laughing and pointing at the hills that we don’t have to cycle anymore. (Evil smirk)

when the dudes leave though, we are going to have to whip ourselves back into routine and will be heading on up to France.

oh speaking of France you won’t believe this mad thing that happened. Last February we were in ireland walking up the cliffs with Cian Cagny when we met a french guy who was in a bit of a predicament. We ended up helping him out and becoming friends and 2 days ago he contacted us asking us where we were. We to.d him North Spain as we are waiting for the dudes to fly

over on Wednesday.  He then continues to say that he was in fact driving with a friend to North Spain on Wednesday too. The shock on our faces was gas.




The they are going to try and meet us near Gijón. There is no such thing as coincidence. Haha.

m: on the way back through the Los picos their is a cave that Zarah and I took a look at a few weeks ago. Our head torches were running out of power so we didn’t get to explore it properly. But I does look like it goes back a bit and we got glimpses of some pretty big looking stalic tites and stalic mites. We can’t wait to go back there and see it properly. Zarah’s getting her good camera brought over for her so we will be able to get some brilliant photos. We have missed out on some great shots by just using the go pro. It’s good but you can’t see what your taking a photo of and if it’s not sunny it’s very dark. So be expecting lots of fantastic photos of our journeys to come.


It will be great to get back to doing 70 km cycles again and start covering lots of ground. Don’t know what France has in store for us but they have a new law in that the shops can’t waste any food anymore so I will be taking full advantage of that fact. We will be visiting another mountain range called the vercors which will be awsome. But saying all that this next week  will be great crack especially because we are going paragliding