Highest dunes in europe

Total km: 4180

Just before arriving at Gerome’s we stumbled across the largest dunes in Europe “les dunes de pyla” amazing sight.



Merv and I found Gerome’s house no problem but he wasn’t there when we arrived. It was his friends birthday party and he was sleeping somewhere in the vicinity. We were welcomed by a laughing Sylvie (his maaaaa) and Philipe. Both were jabbering in French and we caught the gist that she was going to ring Gerome.

Within 5 minutes a a million kisses on the cheek ( they greet each other that way) we were already slagging Gerome for having a hangover from the party. They showed us the room we were staying in for the next two nights. A bed! What luxury.

Shortly after that we headed to the beach with a skim board, body board and 3 of Gerome’s friends who all spoke a bit of English. We actually went back to Biscarosse where we camped the other night but the water was a bit colder.


We had great craic. The lads were making fun of one guy who was pulling a trailer along the beach. They were joking about the extra weight he had around the middle and that he must have been tasting the products before he sold them. Surely enough, 10 minutes later the same guy approached the guys and asked them for a hand pushing the big trailer up the slope off the beach and he’d give them all something nice in return. They came back with a packet of chocolate filled donuts. Haha.

Later we went to have a bit of food and a drink with Meryl (Gerome’s sister) and Gerome (meryl’s boyfriend)(confusing I know but she is not going out with her brother… Don’t worry) She paid for our drinks which we couldn’t get over and almost had a Mrs. Doyle moment.

The next day Merv and I were tired. Gerome took us to Arcachon, an awesome posh little town by the beach. Here are a few pictures.


When we got back to the house Sylvie had cooked some really amazing mussels with FRENCH FRIES mmmmmm. We sat and had a great time chatting about everything. The whole experience there was so lovely and we felt really welCome the whole time.
Merv shed a tear when he spotted that Gerome actually went out to buy oysters for him to taste. He is still going on about it and the White wine. Uby uby uby uby wine.



Meryl kindly asked her best friend Anais if we could camp in her gardenthe following day near bordeaux so we could do a spot of sightseeing. This was another lovely experience. Everyone here seems to say I SPEAK VERY LITTLE ENGLISH! But once they start talking they have proper conversations hahah.


Bordeaux was a nice city but one day was more than enough for us.

Anais told us about the Dordogne region which is in our general path. After she showed us some really cool pictures of the area we have decided to visit. Plus there are caves :) Merv being a cave man and all I think I might finally lose him there. (Wink)


So after leaving Bordeaux we spotted another dude on a bike cycling The way we were going. Mervs legs started going 90 to the dozen to catch up with him. It turns out he is cycling like us and although he is from America he really isn’t your average, run of the mill American. We chatted as we cycled and talked about bike stuff and then went our separate ways thinking “what a cool guy!” Then we stopped for some food and who stops just 10 metres up from us sporting a new saddle on his bike? None other than Eric who we just met a while ago. We decided to cycle together for a while and ended up convincing him to travel to Ireland because it’s so beautiful on the west coast.

We gave him the blog and he is going to contact us when he’s closer to Ireland. Gerome and his family helped us out and now we can extend the favour to someone else.

Oh! I forgot to mention that Eric (the unlikely am-ERIC-an) gave us the gift of his compass which is invaluable to us. Eric if you are reading this THANKS, we have already used it 200 times today and still got a bit lost Hahahaa.


We are tucking into a delicious lentil and veg curry a la Merv at the moment, camped in a lovely forest and on track for tomorrow’s cycling.


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