Monsieur Merv the CHEF

the maddest thing happened 2 days ago. Our minds were set to cycle to perigueuex on the D3 road but suddenly Mervy poops went pony on me. He needed to stop and eat so oddly enough we diverted to a different road as we saw a CENTRE VILLE sign. The VILLE was much further than we thought and normally we would turn around but not today. Soon we found the only bar in the vicinity and decided to refresh ourselves.

When We were leaving Leo, the owner, told us he had a caravan in the back and we could spend a night if we wanted.

Merv was a bit sick by now so we said yes. Later we washed some dishes in return and chatted to Leo. He said his chef just quit and that he was up the walls with wOrk


Merv and I have been emailing fruit picking farms for work and when Leo said this we looked at each other with dollar signs in our eyes. Merv explained that he could work for him for a week til he finds someone else and haggled a good price.

Leo invited us to play pool with him and a few drinks on topic it but did not want to say yes yet. Later When he was more drunk he explained how he felt it was destiny that we stopped and how he felt compelled to ask us to stay in the cara-Ma-van. I agree.

we got a little tipsy on Ricard the aniseed french liquor and only got to sleep at 3.30. Luckily I did t have to work hahahahaha hahahahaha evil laugh.

so as Merv slaved away in the kitchen I enjoyed spending money, drinking martinis, lazing in the pool( there is no pool) ok ok I am lying….. But I did see this.