A thousand kilometres for a thousand memories

Merv: We have finished the 1000 km dedicated to Tadhg Sexton. He’s been in our minds both day and night. He will be really missed and never forgotten.


  Hear your song
I can’t believe you’re gone from this world
I can’t believe your song won’t be heard

Across the field you once did stride
With your fishing rod by your side

Down to green island to fish off the rock
Sometimes pull in a big fat pollock

Fishing all day for mackerel and eel
Or down to white strand to get hooks caught in seaweed

We’d camp under the stars and cook our meal
With a pile of wet wood and a can of beer

The times we had ill keep in a locket
Like when you walked around with pears in your pocket

Camping in Wales up at Steve handy’s junk yard
Laying out on the slate spit watching shooting stars

Oh those memories won’t be forgot
Or those curries so spicy and hot

A friend you were but more of a brother
You were one of a kind there’ll be no other

We will meet you again on another plane
And on that day we’ll hear your song again.

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