Getting Paid to Pick Apples


We’re in Germany. We made it out is Stiffserland alive. Merv has been slave driving us the past week as he luckily found work up near Cologne picking apples for 2 months. We were really really far south (500km away) when we got the news and ever since we’ve been following the river Rhein like two bats out of hell. We’ve to be there by Saturday and I do declare we might just make it!

Mervs half a binocular

Mervs half a binocular

We were in a flea market and Merv bought half a binocular. It was €10 and he haggled it up to €13. I’m teaching him…. Anyway we both got some weird eye thing from it and Merv looked like he got beat up and I looked like I was crying. We are trying to cure ourselves before we land up at the apple farm. They’ll take one look at us and run.

Merv got an ex- army jacket for €7 and so now we are sitting under an army tarp, with the half a binocular and the army jacket eating army rations (well, green chillie curry)

Germany is class. They charge you extra when you buy water or beer and then you return the bottles in a machine in the supermarket and get the money back. It’s all well and good but yesterday we came across this one guy. He had 3 crates ready to be loaded into the machine but OH NO! There were 3 cans on the conveyor belt. He just stood there and rang the help button. A girl came out and he explain his predicament. Merv and I just laughed at how he stood there until she moved the cans away. Wow!


We’ve had some nice camp spots so far and seen a few lovely things!


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