Who we are

Let’s start with an introduction shall we? We are Zarah and Myrddyn. It’s pronounced Merv-in and you’ve no idea how much confusion this creates. Our life has become one big adventure on bikes. Every night we sleep in our trusty tent, cook healthy food and every day we cycle on average 80km. We started off slow but have built up to this and are happy at this rate. We see so much!

We began in Valencia Spain, heading south along the coast. Now though we don’t want to stop and seek a way to continue without having to stop for extended periods of time. Sponsorship perhaps.

We pride ourselves on having a healthy outlook on life and hope to inspire some people to do the same. When you exercise right you feel right and when you eat right you glow!




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  1. Relieved you escaped the clutches of the Cantabrian bears unharmed! :)

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